Atlanta Braves’ Chipper Jones to Begin Season on Disabled List

This has been a busy week for the Atlanta Braves and Chipper Jones. He announced that he will retire at the end of the season a few days ago. Now, he will undergo knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. The procedure is the same one he underwent last season and missed two weeks.

Martin Prado will start the season at third base. This leaves Eric Hinske and Matt Diaz as potential platoon partners in left. Since Matt Diaz is awful, this could open the door for Jordan Parraz to make the team.

Parraz has been competing for a bench spot. This may give him a good chance for playing time. He has had a great spring. He has hit .400/.455/.600 with 1 HR and 6 RBIs. He can play all three positions, though his defense isn’t his strongest attribute. He would be an upgrade over Diaz and Hinske defensively, though. He definitely deserves a spot on the team, in my opinion. This may end up being the chance he deserves.

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  • Chad

    Fredi Gonzalez has said that it may be close to a month before Chipper Jones is back with the Braves. That will leave a big hole in the lineup.

    • Blausy Tiberius

      Make that 2 big holes, with Matt Diaz slated to get a bunch of ABs as half of the LF platoon.

      • Chad

        Yeah, the Matt Diaz factor is problematic. I did like the idea that talking chop had today: trading Diaz to the Cubs for Marlon Byrd. I think the Braves will have to cut Diaz at some point. He just isn’t any good at doing what he used to do, ie hit lefties.