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Boston Red Sox Pitcher, John Lackey: Fried Chicken And Beer Controversy Is “Retarded”

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I’m sure we all remember last season’s epic collapse of the Boston Red Sox and then worse, we found out what happened behind closed doors. From players drinking to eating fried chicken to not supporting their teammates, it all happened. The main people at fault, Boston pitchers.

One of the main involved was starting pitcher, John Lackey. He was involved in all of the above but has somehow remained silent. That was until a few days ago when he spoke to Boston Globe reporter, Dan Shaughnessy.

Here are a few excerpts from his article:

I asked Lackey about the chicken and beer. Did Lackey think the portrayal of Sox pitchers was unfair? “For sure,’’ he said. “This is stupid to even bring it back up . . . It was tough for a couple of us that got kind of thrown out there. You kind of wonder where those kind of things come from, first of all. It got blown out of proportion pretty big. I saw Josh a few times during the offseason. What can you do? Even talking about it right now is stupid, because it’s just bringing it back up.’’

….“I know who I am and I know the truth and I’m OK with it,’’ he said.

Does this mean he has a clear conscience about everything that went down in 2011?

“Guys having a beer after their start has been going on for the last 100 years,’’ Lackey said. “This is retarded. It’s not like we were sitting up there doing it every night. It’s not even close to what people think.’’

So lackey thinks that the whole situation is, “retarded.” Could he have first of all, thought of a worse way to say it. He honestly just threw himself in the gutter. How could he think that that word choice was not only acceptable but appropriate.

Lackey, I will not be rooting for your comeback after this. You have some serious explaining and apologizing to do.

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