Angels reportedly on verge of trading Bobby Abreu to Indians

By Jeff Shibley

Nothing is official as of yet, but Jon Heyman from CBS Sports is reporting that the Angels are on the verge of trading Outfielder, DH Bobby Abreu to the Cleveland Indians. It is under assumption that the Angels would be paying for most, if not all of Abreu’s $9 Million dollar contract for the 2012 season.

It is still unclear what the Angels are getting in return, although minor league player Trevor Crowe might be part of the deal as he is expected to be traded. It is possible however that the Crowe trade, and the Abreu trade are two separate trades.

The reason the Angels want to trade Abreu is that his at bats would be very limited with the return of a healthy Kendrys Morales, as well as Mark Trumbo expecting to get the bulk of DH at bats, and Trumbo can play the corner outfield spots if needed as well. It also doesn’t help that Abreu is batting only .087  in spring training. Meanwhile both Morales and Trumbo are hitting great with Morales batting  an amazing .625 with 2 home runs, while Trumbo is hitting .341 with 4 home runs.

One more reason Abreu will likely be traded is that he is reportedly unhappy with his new reduced role. He wants to go to a team where he will receive a bigger role, and more at bats. He would definitely get more at bats in Cleveland, as outfielder Grady Sizemore is expected to miss time due to injury. I guess it is just a situation that he would prefer a chance at more playing time to prolong his career over a chance to be a part of a championship team that the Angels have a very good chance of being in 2012.

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