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Cincinnati Reds: Jeff Gray’s 2012 Prediction – Part I

It’s that time of year again.  It’s the time of the year when everybody is making their predictions about their favorite Major League Baseball team.  I, for the first time in my life, will be making my prediction about the Cincinnati Reds here on

After a underwhelming 2011 season that followed a surprisingly successful 2010 year, the 2012 version of the Cincinnati Reds appears to be in for a promising year. 

I’m reminded of the scene from Seinfeld between Jerry and the naked guy on the subway when Jerry was on his way out to Coney Island to pick up his car.  It went something like this:

 The New York Mets “still have no pitching”. 

“Pitching they’ve got.  They’ve got no hitting”. 

“No hitting?!  They got Bonilla, Murry…They got no defense.”

“But ya’ gotta love their chances.”

Like the New York Mets with Seinfeld, I’ve gotta love the Cincinnati Reds’ chances.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  With former National League MVP at first, Joey Votto is poised to deliver his usual outstanding numbers, both at the plate and in the field.  In his short career, remember Votto’s only played five years, he has a .313 batting average and has averaged over twenty home-runs to go with about eighty RBI each year.  He is the cornerstone of the team. 

Brandon Phillips is still young and very, very talented.  No one seems to enjoy playing the game more than he.  With the crooked hat and the big smile, he truly is a joy to watch at second.  This being his contract year, we can expect him to really produce and produce with consistency.  He has had a decent spring at the plate batting right at .290.  He is a career .272 batter; however, he does have a .322 OBP.  While that is not ideal for a lead-off batter, it’s in the field where the Cincinnati Reds get their money’s worth with Phillips.  He touts three Gold Gloves during his six years at second.  You can usually count on, at least, one outstanding play in the field from him every game.

I’m very stoked about the addition of Zack Cozart to the everyday line up at short.  He comes in with great promise and ability.  His short stay with the Cincinnati Reds in 2011 made me salivate as to what can be.  Look for an impact year from him as he replaces the aging Edgar Renteria.

Look for Part II soon.