New York Yankees pitching problem solved

By garymarchese

The old saying in baseball is you can never have enough pitching.  The New York Yankees originally had seven starters for five spots.  They thought this was too much and traded away A.J. Burnett to the Pittsburgh Pirates, they then signed Andy Pettitte and they were in the same position.  They figured they had too many again but Pettitte wouldn’t come back until May at the earliest.  The Yankees fans clamored as to what they would do.

Michael Pineda who the Yankees traded for in the off-season for Jesus Montero pitched on Friday night.  He hasn’t had a very good spring and has had a diminished fastball.  He said after the game on Friday that his shoulder was bothering him.  The Yankees sent him for an MRI and he has tendonitis putting him on the disabled list.  It proved right again in this case as now the Yankees have five starters.  Pineda will be out for a little while due to an injury.  Pettitte will be out until he is ready in May, I think it could even be a little longer then that.

The Yankees triple A rotation is stacked and I wouldn’t be surprised if you may need one or two of them over the course of the season.  The point is that pitchers get hurt, they are ineffective at times.  The starting five is always a hot topic and debated constantly.  The thing about it is that it hardly ever is the only five pitchers that pitch the whole season.  The majority of teams are going to need seven to eight starting pitchers during the whole season.  It is a long season and a lot can happen, you always need to have backups in case something goes wrong.  The Yankees pitching staff is strong but the best thing they have going for them is their depth.  The depth will be tested right away if any of the starting five right now goes down or is just ineffective.  The starting five right now is CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia.

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