Cincinnati Reds Sign Joey Votto To Long-Term Contract - Reports Say

By Jeff Gray

The Cincinnati Reds and their talented first baseman Joey Votto have agreed to a ten-year extension to his current contract according to reports from USA Today, April 2.  According to the report, Votto will receive $225 million over the life of the contract, which extends to the 2023 season.

The contract will make Votto the richest player to ever sign with the Cincinnati Reds.  The Reds are clearly banking on Votto remaining healthy.  They certainly don’t want a repeat of Ken Griffey, Jr.  You could count on Griffey being out for the year around June.  It is also reported that there is a no trade clause in the contract.

Now, what does that mean for the Reds?  I believe this is a show of support for their first baseman and to their fans that they are willing to build around him for the future.  It is also a sign that mid-market teams may be willing to shell out the money necessary to compete with the big boys and not let their talent slip away to a higher bidder.  He will, however, take up a huge chunk of their payroll.  The Cincinnati Reds will have to loosen their purse strings some more to keep or get talent to build around Votto.  This is, remember, the final year of Brandon Phillips’ contract. 

I just hope the Reds don’t go the way of the Texas Rangers when they landed Alex Rodriguez for the unreal sum of $252 million for ten years back in 2001.  The Rangers were unable or unwilling to build around him after breaking the bank.  Of course, things have worked out quite well for the Rangers since they traded A-Rod to the New York Yankees

Votto is starting his fifth year in the majors and already has one National League MVP under his belt.  It is the price you pay for having a power hitting first baseman.

Joey Votto is in the second year of an extension he and the Cincinnati Reds agreed to last summer.  He is due to make $9.5 million this season and $13 million next.  The new extension is in addition to last summer’s extension.

The Cincinnati Reds have made no comment about the report as of yet.

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