The Atlanta Braves Sign Chad Durbin

The Atlanta Braves signed right-handed reliever, Chad Durbin, to a one-year deal on Tuesday to finalize their 25 man roster. Durbin will take the spot of lefty, Yohan Flande, which was announced as making the team yesterday. Durbin will give the Braves another veteran arm out of the bullpen.

The Braves signed Durbin after the Washington Nationals released him on Tuesday. Flande has been reassigned to the minor leagues and will be pitching in AAA this season. Flande had a great spring, but ultimately the Braves chose the experience of Durbin, rather than the youth of Flande.

Durbin had a terrible 2011 season for the Cleveland Indians. Overall, he could potentially be a useful pitcher for the Braves. If you look at his last four years, he has been wildly inconsistent. Here is a look at his last four years, which has been as a reliever:

2008 PHI 5 4 2.87 71 1 87.2 81 28 5 35 63 153 1.323 8.3 0.5 3.6 6.5 1.80
2009 PHI 2 2 4.39 59 2 69.2 56 34 8 47 62 96 1.478 7.2 1.0 6.1 8.0 1.32
2010 PHI 4 1 3.80 64 0 68.2 63 29 7 27 63 108 1.311 8.3 0.9 3.5 8.3 2.33
2011 CLE 2 2 5.53 56 0 68.1 86 42 12 26 59 72 1.639 11.3 1.6 3.4 7.8 2.27
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Again, last season was terrible. His splits are much more favorable for his time in Philadelphia. He could be a serviceable reliever.

Hopefully, this will not be a pickup that will give the Braves a player take Scott Proctor or Scott Linebrink’s spot. This could potentially be the signing that could do that. However, it is a decent gamble as long as Gonzalez manages the bullpen properly. Which is the issue for the Braves.

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  • Eduardo53

    LOLLOLLOL! Sucks to be Yohan cat. Hate it for him, but I never heard of him before, so oh well. is he any good, Chad?

    • Blausy Tiberius

      Neither of those guys were as good as Ascensio, who they gave away for basically a cracked bat and a busted rosin bag. What gives? Did he pull a Kenshin?

      • Chad

        David O’Brien said that he had a “character flaw” stemming from his name and age lies. It was ok for Derek Lowe to get all shit-faced and get a DUI, but a guy trying to make it to the big leagues from other countries lies to get ahead and all hell should be paid?

        Ascensio did everything he could in ST and throughout the minors to get a spot. Maybe it will work for him in Cleveland.

        • Eduardo53

          Hey Chad Yohan any good? Who’s David O’Brien?

          • Chad

            He used to be a highly regarded prospect with the Phillies. However, control did him in. He has potential, if utilized properly. With the Braves carrying him, initially, he would have been used as a LOOGEY, which would have been great.

            The problem is that Fredi doesn’t utilize anyone properly.