Baltimore Orioles Lose To State College of Florida Manatees

Every year during spring training many MLB teams end up playing different colleges in the area. This year, one of the teams that did so was The Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles had majority of their Opening Day starting lineup, besides starting pitcher Jake Arrieta. They took on the State College of Florida Manatees in an exhibition matchup that benefitted  SCF athletics.

Most times when MLB teams play college teams, it’s for fun and it ends up being a blowout in favor of the MLB team. Well, the O’s didn’t get that memo as they lost the game 2-1.

Just take a second to grasp that. People that are being paid millions of dollars to play baseball, lost to a college team who may have 2-3 future pros.

If the O’s lost a game to a college team, could they even make it close against a team as stacked as the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees?

People expected the O’s to possibly have a better season with their young core of pitching prospects. They also have stars such as Adam Jones, Mark Reynolds, J.J. Hardy, and catching stud Matt Wieters.

With all of these players in the starting lineup, the O’s lost the game. Yes, most of them were out of the game by the 5th, but for 5 innings they only scored a single run.

To be fair, the Manatees didn’t use any of their starting pitchers, they used O’s major league pitchers to make it fair. Tsuyoshi Wada started the game for the Manatees and Jason Hammel started for the O’s.

Ok, so the O’s scored a single run but they did go against a major leaguer. On the other hand, the Manatees scored 2 runs against a major leaguer. It’s still just a sad story. College kids beat a major league team no matter what way you look like it.

This is not a good sign for the O’s moving forward.

The o’s can feel slightly better because the Manatees defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-4. The Pirates featured minor league players at the time such as current stars Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker.

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