Cub’s “Ivy Man” Thinks This is the Year for a Chicago Cubs Pennant

By Brian Berg Jr.
Ivy Man with some friends

With the weather warmer than ever in Chicago the Ivy will be greener earlier than ever.  This is a good sign for the Chicago Cubs.  This will be the year!  The Cubs ”Ivy Man” will be cheering them on, greeting the fans on opening day in front of the ball park.  Never heard of the “Ivy Man”?  The Cubs “Ivy man” was started by a third generation super Chicago Cubs fan, Ward Tannhauser.  It started as a Halloween Costume and then an idea to match his obsession with the Chicago Cubs.  Dressed as Ivy from the outfield at Wrigley Field, even sporting the 368 foot marker, he stands over 8 feet tall.  Greeting the fans and taking pictures while waiting with them for another Chicago Cubs Pennant.

The Cubs “Ivy man” doesn’t go to all the games because it is too hot in the summer to wear the Ivy but he is always there in spirit or in person. He also isn’t allowed in the Ball Park itself because he is too tall and draws a large crowd.  He doesn’t mind that because he really wants to see the game.  It is all about the fans and fun.  Ward said “I do it for the smiles”.

The Cubs “Ivy Man” entered the Baseball Hall of fame in the “Sacred Ground Section” in 2005.  That part of the Hall of fame honors the sport’s greatest ball parks and the ambiance that makes them great including the local Fanatics.  In June of that year he was there and spoke in the Bullpen Theater about being such a big Chicago Cubs fan and being the ”Ivy Man”.  He was able to bring his whole family to the event including his Dad, another long time suffering Chicago Cubs fan.

He also does appearances to support the Cubs.  He was at the Bartman Ball Explosion in order to remove the curse of the Bartman ball.  He was recently at Harry Caray’s Restaurant at the Toast to Harry Caray.  The picture is below.  This week the “Ivy Man” and his daughter Mackenzie participated in a video for the opening of Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  Mackenzie is a recent heart transplant patient at Children’s Memorial Hospital and has been helping tell the story of the hospital.  If you can’t get to Wrigley Field on Thursday he will be on WGN TV first thing in the morning.

So come out to Wrigley Field and check out a game.  You might even see the “Ivy Man”.  Make sure you go this year because he hopes to retire the outfit after the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.