New York Mets season preview

By garymarchese

The New York Mets begin their season on Thursday afternoon at home against the Atlanta Braves.  There really isn’t much expectation for this team.  I will break down their team and see what you can look forward to this season.  The one thing that the Mets have going for them right now is that they have made it to Opening Day in good healthy overall.  Johan Santana is starting which seems surreal, Andres Torres, David Wright will be playing.  A couple of weeks ago this didn’t seem possible.  I think for the Mets, maybe more then any team they have to get off to a fast start.  They have had the financial stuff and the mess with the owners.  That is all behind them now, they have to start winning though and that could lead to spending more money and the fans coming back and supporting them.

The Mets are in a very tough NL East.  They on paper may be the worst team in the division.  The Philadelphia Phillies are considered the favorites in the NL East.  I have no reason to think they won’t win that division.  The Miami Marlins have a new stadium and have spent a lot of money, they seem to have a good team.  I think they could be a little overrated but should be better then the Mets.  The Washington Nationals are an up and coming team, they can be very good but I don’t think they are just ready yet.  The Atlanta Braves were a solid team all year until they collapsed last September.  I would say the Mets are the worst team in the NL East.

The Mets rotation: They have Santana to anchor the staff which is good.  The problem with Santana is he is very fragile.  He hasn’t pitched in two years and what can the Mets realistically expect from him.  20-25 starts they hope maybe more.  He has looked good all spring but will he be able to hold up.  I will say if he is healthy and pitching, he will win his games.  He doesn’t have to be overpowering as he is a smart pitcher and knows how to get batters out.  Jon Niese and Dillon Gee are the young guys who have good upside.  I like these two guys and the Mets should expect big things from them.  R.A. Dickey is what he is, a knuckleball pitcher who can be really good or really bad.  He won’t be consistent but the knuckleball isn’t.  The big key is Mike Pelfrey, he could be bad like he has or if he is good then the pitching staff should be a pretty good one.  The pitching staff isn’t that bad but the problem is they have no depth.  If Santana gets hurt again or anyone else they really don’t have backups.  The Mets have a lot of good pitching prospects.  The ones they do have though aren’t close to ready leaving them short of higher up pitching prospects.

The lineup at least the middle of it can be good.  I don’t like Andres Torres as your leadoff hitter, that could be a problem.  He isn’t very good, wont hit for a very high average or get on base too much.  I think Daniel Murphy, David Wright, Jason Bay, Ike Davis and Lucas Duda could be a good middle of the order.  Bay has to have a good year though and I don’t know if he has it in him or is he done at least in New York.  I think Duda has the potential to be a very good power hitter.  Wright can get back to form and be an all-star player, I also think Davis is an all-star type player.  Murphy is a very good hitter but needs to stay healthy.  If everything breaks right for the Mets they could be a 500 team.  The problem is everything has to break right because if anything goes wrong they could be in for a very long year.  I would predict 75 wins for the Mets this season.

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