MLB Arizona Diamondbacks

Dodgers Opening Day 2012

Opening Day, Kershaw versus Volquez (who?) the Cy Young winner versus some kid who hasn’t pitched in more than 20 games since 2008 and we open it up in San Diego at 4:05 Pacific Time.

Ahh yes, baseball is here. There’s a lot to look out for this season

How will Uribe play at third base?

Will Ellis last more than 100 games?

Can Matt Kemp not only get 50-50 can he just reach 30-30 again?

Will the real James Loney please come to the plate?

and last but most importantly, which Andre Ethier will we get? The guy who’s worth $10 mil or the guy who’s worth letting go.

Of course I can’t forget the new ownership coming in, Magic and Kasten and the guy who is going to be paying all this money even though I can’t remember his name at the time.

For the first time in a long time I’m not only excited for the season to start, I’m excited to see how it ends because this team has a lot of promise and with the motivation from the fans that Magic Johnson will be the face of the Dodgers I expect this team to compete from day one.

 Yes, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to this season and it will definitely be one for history, 50 years in LA and a brand new owner, 2 of the best players in not only the National League but all of the Majors and a totally hyped fanbase, yeah, this will be an awesome season.