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Adam Dunn’s Homer Is A Real Good Sign for the White Sox

Adam Dunn had a dreadful 2011. The fans in Chicago will probably never let him forget it, and the Chicago White Sox were not the team they were supposed to be. Fast forward to today, opening day in Texas. Adam Dunn was hitting in the 3 spot which I found a little surprising. The good news for the Sox was Adam Dunn drew a walk in his first AB, and then launched a towering full count homer in his third AB.

The ball was absolutely smoked, but it shows that Adam Dunn STILL has his power. Colby Lewis was real good today, but Dunn didn’t look over matched as he did all year last year. Adam Dunn isn’t going to miraculously change and be a 300 hitter, but what he will do is hit for homer in 2012. The homer to start the year was absolutely huge for his confidence, and the White Sox offense as they’re going to need him to hit like he has in years past if the Sox want to have any sort of year. If Adam Dunn can hit 40 homers in the 3rd hole and drive in 110 runs, I could see the Sox doing more damage than anticipated.

I really hope Dunn bounces back, because his homers aren’t cheap- and they’re a ton of fun to watch. Who cares about his play in the field, as DH’ing makes the most sense for the man they call the big donkey.

Should I also throw in the fact I have him on 2 fantasy teams? I need a bounce back year if I’m going to make a run at the title.