Addison Reed Should Be The White Sox Closer

By gilgerard

When the Chicago White Sox traded closer Sergio Santos to the Toronto Blue Jays, it should have been an easy decision to announce Chris Sale as the teams closer. When the Sox decided to make Sale a starter, Addison Reed should have been named he teams closer. That hasn’t happened either. Reed was brought up by the Sox last year and was downright nasty. So far, new manager Robin Ventura hasn’t made an announcement for the closer position, and claims Matt Thornton and Jessie Crain will be in the running along with Reed.

The problem is simple. Matt Thorton failed as a closer, and Crain isn’t effective in the 9th inning. Both relievers are extremely important to the White Sox bullpen this year, and leaving them in their roles of 7th and 8th innings respectively will make the bullpen better. Addison Reed has better stuff than both, and everyone is reporting his make up is mind-blowing.All those things are needed to be an effectively reliever.

So what’s the problem here? Why are the White Sox making this such a big deal? My assumption is they don’t want to just hand the job to a young kid, and want to make him earn it. Great strategy. Fine. It might work out. But guys need to get used to a certain role, and pushing it back and keeping it a secret doesn’t help anyone. I don’t expect the White Sox to compete with the Detroit Tigers this year, but that doesn’t mean the Sox should just hand the season over because their being stupid.

If Addison Reed closes, the team is better. Simply put.

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