Colorado Rockies Opening Day Roster

The Rockies season begins at 5:05 Mountain Time this evening. The Grass is mowed and the roster for the evening has been announced. Just like the allure of Opening Day, cracking the opening day roster is sacred. There will be a lot of different combinations for the Colorado Rockies over 162 games, but it means a lot to say that you played on Opening Day when everyone is fresh. Here is today’s starting line-up:

1. Marco Scutaro, Second Base
2. Dexter Fowler, Centerfield
3. Carlos Gonzalez, Left Field
4. Troy Tulowitzki, Shortstop
5. Todd Helton, First Base
6. Michael Cuddyer, Right Field
7. Ramon Hernandez, Catcher
8. Chris Nelson, Third Base
9. Jeremy Guthrie, Pitcher

The line-up did not hold a lot of surprises. The one unknown heading into the game was third base. Chris Nelson gets the nod because his glove is better than Jordan Pacheco. Pacheco is a converted first baseman and catcher, but hit very well in the spring.

It was announced earlier in the week that Dexter Fowler would be taken out of lead off spot for Marco Scutaro. Because of his speed, Fowler is a classic lead off guy, but was the Rockies worst hitter in Spring Training. Fowler had a great second half, but will need to find his swing to not end up in the minors for the third consecutive season. Scutaro did not have a great spring, but has a high on-base percentage. Part of the Rockies success this season will be their ability to get runners on base for the 3-5 hitters.

The Rockies utility players for today include: Willin Rosario, Tyler Colvin, Eric Young Jr, Jason Giambi and Jonathon Herrara. Rossario and Colvin both hit well in the spring and all of the players could see a significant amount of playing time. Guthrie will make his first start for the Rockies after being acquired this winter.