Colorado Rockies Young Rotation Will Determine Fate of the Team

By gilgerard

The Colorado Rockies have an outstanding offense. We all know about the power capability Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, and Todd Helton, but if the Rockies want to win this year- it will be up to the starting rotation to lead them there. You might think that the Rockies don’t have a prayer after trading Ubaldo Jimenez to the Cleveland Indians last year, but I’ll tell you what. The Rockies have some young arms coming up through the system that could be real good in 2012.

Mark Guthrie might be making the opening day start, but it’s going to be guys like Alex White, Tyler Matzek, Drew Pomeranz, and Chad Bettis making the difference in 2012. I think all 4 of these guys will be in the big leagues in 2012, and that’s not even mentioning Tyler Anderson. I especially love the ceiling of Drew Pomeranz, the prize piece coming back from the Ubaldo trade.

Pomeranz has top of the rotation like stuff, and he did make the rotation out of spring training, although will have his first turn skipped in the rotation.

Young arms are especially exciting, and the Rockies have them. Not many teams have the pitching depth the Rockies have, so I’m not especially worried about the future of the organization. It’s going to be up to the front office to decide when these guys are ready, but I wouldn’t hold them back because if their age- if they’re ready. This team can absolutely win now, so when the horses are ready to get out of the gate, the Rockies will have no choice but to let them run.


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