Atlanta Braves Lose Again: Jair Jurrjens Roughed Up

I am not going to say much about today’s game. I am still processing the opening day fiasco. However, the Atlanta Braves did play the New York Mets today and lost 4-2. Jair Jurrjens pitched and was tagged for 7 hits, 3 runs, 3 walks, 3 Ks in 4.1 IP.

Jurrjens had a rough Spring and still looks like he is not comfortable on the mound. He looks like a completely different pitcher than he did the first half of last season. His fastball velocity was from 88-90 for most of the day. This is what has been the case throughout the Spring. Everything that he did today looked like he was laboring.

The game was essentially put out of reach when Chad Durbin made his Atlanta Braves debut with an unimpressive inning of work. He gave up a solo home run and two other hits before escaping further damage.

The Braves’ offense still looks out of sync, to say the least.

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  • Matt

    Jair wasn’t bad yesterday, and allowing 3 runs (one of which came around to score with Livan on the mound) isn’t a disaster…for most teams.

    Jair has always been somewhat “crafty,” defying his peripherals and getting out of jams consistently over the years, and he was again yesterday as getting into the 5th with only 2 runs scored took him over 100 pitches with the stuff he had.

    I like him more and more, but also feel like he’s going to turn into a pumpkin sometime and I always hoped that’d be after we traded him…so maybe it won’t be in 2012.

    I was far from impressed with Durbin, but that our bullpen giving up one run puts a game completely out of reach for us is a bigger problem. In game 1, Diaz and Prado looked locked in and the rest of the team seemed out of rhythm or like they weren’t seeing the ball well. In game 2 Heyward joined Prado as players who looked ready to hit (Bourn hit well too, but looked…I guess like he always looks…I don’t know). So maybe if one player comes on board each game we’ll be scoring 3 or 4 runs by next Tuesday!

    I looked it up, and David Ross (no PA’s yet this season) continues to be our best bat on the bench after Hinske…and though he’s right handed that’s against RHP too. Something could be worked out, I think, so that Diaz hitting against a righty in a crucial situation or Constanza hitting ever in any situation doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion most games.

    • Chad

      It is a disaster when you can only pitch 4 and 1/3 innings

  • George

    ok Chicken Little, if Francisco and Pasterdicky make a couple of plays they’re supposed to and JJ gets 2 more out, giving him 5 IP and 3 (or maybe even just 2) ER’s, it would have been a fine first start of the season

    but as it is, it was a disaster? hyperbole much?

    • Blausy Tiberius

      But, Georgie, you dolt, aren’t seeing The Big Picture. As Chad has tried to get through our thick noggins, WE HAD A POOR SPRING TRAINING! ALL IS LOST AND WE ARE DOOMED HOMINAHOMINAHOMINA

      • Chad

        The big picture is tainted by Fredi, Blausy.

    • Chad

      “If” Constanza actually could make contact Hanson may have not lost game 1. No room for “ifs”, Georgie.

      Are you telling me that you are encouraged by Jair Jurrjens’ performance?

  • George

    The choices are “encouraging performance’ and “disaster,”? I think I’ll take what’s beehind curtain number 3, Chicken Little.

    Imagine you’re back at your expensive private school, wearing your state school fanhood colors and looking at a poster on your dormintory wall of a band whose song you illegally downloaded that’s playing right now; “the space between [pause} encouraging and disaster (pause] is wider than Chicken Little seems to think” Does that help you out of your logical fallacy box, Ranting Sportster?

    • Chad

      “dormintory” – Please spell check, Georgie.

    • Chad

      How did you know the ‘space between’ was my favorite song?

      When is a pitcher lasting 4 1/3 innings ever “encouraging”, Georgie?

      Of course, my asking you a question is always a lesson in futility.

  • Chief Locked Heart

    While I was wearing team colors for a state school in the dorm for my expensive private school, it was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer poster on my wall and a classic rock song that I’d illegally downloaded playing…that or The Thong Song.

    You’ve been on a roll lately, Georgie.

    I seem to agree with you here too, it was neither a disaster nor an encouraging performance. The game overall was another frustrating disappointment, but Jair’s performance individually was somewhere in the vicinity of “meh.” If I believed that spring training matters, as Chad does, I might feel differently because I wouldn’t be viewing this merely as his first start of the season.

  • George

    I’ll confess that I had a WWF poster of Diesel on my dorm wall one year. I also drove a Plymouth Neon. What a dork I was.

    It’s not “futile” to ask questions, Chicken Little. I answered your first question. It’s futile for me to expect questions from you that aren’t loaded with conclusions you’ve jumped to, and it’s futile to think you won’t be mad or just cnofused when I reject the premise of the question.

    Let me read agan to get the questions right. Am I saying that his pitching performance was encourgaing? No, I did not say that. You wer the one that said there was only 2 extreme choices here. I reject that premise.

    When is it encouraging for a pitcher to only last 4.1 innings? I didn’t say it was…this is an unfair and intellectually dishonest question. It contineus with a premise I already rejected. You act like I was the one who said it was encouraging. Sense you get mad when I duck questions or reject premisses, I better answer tho.

    When is it encouraging? When it’s Joel Zumaya.

    • Chad

      Thanks for answering the question, Georgie.

  • Eduardo53

    Whoa whoa whoa Chad you didn’t go to school at UAT? your one of them bandwagon Tide fans?

    Respect meter – down, yo!

    • Chad

      I am not a bandwagon fan.

      • Eduardo53

        Yea you are, Chad my man. Randomly picking a state schools sports to cheer fore but too cool to enroll there, i feel u.

  • Eduardo53

    Pasterdicky LOL thats a good one Geo my man!