Boston Red Sox Drubbed By the Detroit Tigers

By Carl Conrad

The first 2 games of the Boston Red Sox 2012 season are eerily reminiscent of the team’s lackluster start in 2011.  First, they lose on a walk off single in the 9th inning in their opening game.  Next, Josh Beckett gives up 7 hits, 7 earned runs, walks 1 and strikes out 3 in 4 2/3 innings against the Detroit Tigers.  All of the runs Beckett allowed came off of homeruns (5, to be exact, including 2 each by Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera).  The performance gives him a 13.50 ERA to start the season.  Despite 7 hits, the Red Sox were unable to score a run.

The trials and tribulations the Red Sox have endured during spring training and very early in the season are well documented.  A pitching staff already bitten hard by the injury bug.  Carl Crawford’s offseason wrist surgery that is likely to keep him out for quite some time.  A new manager whose philosophy could not be more different from that of their previous skipper.

If nothing else, the team’s dismal start in 2011 should make them realize that they need to have a sense of urgency right now.  They need to right the ship before it gets out of control and they find themselves having to claw back towards respectability and a chance at the playoffs.  I’m aware that it’s only 2 games into this new season, but the performance today by Beckett is somewhat alarming, especially considering the reports of Beckett having a thumb injury.  That could certainly be an explanation for the incredibly poor performance he gave in Detroit.

Where the season goes from here is anyone’s guess.  I’m sure that in usual Red Sox fashion, they will falter, only to come charging back and ultimately disappoint in the end.  As the old saying goes, “it’s not the despair that gets to you, it’s the hope”.

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