I Got Five On It: Don't Panic New York Yankees' Fans

By Bryan Lutz

Happy Easter, everyone! Today’s I Got Five On It is brought to you by the New York Yankees: where 0-3 really doesn’t matter as much as the Boston Red Sox’s 0-3 record.

The Bronx Is Burning

The New York Yankees are 0-3, but there is absolutely no reason to panic if you are a fan of the Bronx Bombers. The Tampa Bay Rays are one of – if not – the best team in baseball, and the Yankees should feel no shame getting swept on the road.

Also, Carlos Pena is happy to be back with the Rays. In his return to Tropicana Field, Pena hit two home runs and drove in seven runs. Lastly, Jeremy Hellickson must have a four-leaf clover, a pot of gold, a rabbit’s foot, and sold his soul to the devil because the guy keeps getting outs.

Boston Red Sox BuLoLpen

I don’t care if it’s only three games into the season and they played one of the better teams in baseball, the Boston Red Sox are a giant pile of stink. Pretty much everything I said all winter happened in this game. I said the Red Sox won’t contend because of their dreadful bullpen. And I said the Detroit Tigers have absolutely no one behind Justin Verlander and Doug Fister.

I don’t need to go in-depth on the performance of the Boston bullpen. They sucked – case closed. But the Detroit Tigers’ no. 3 pitcher, Max Scherzer struggled mildly. Scherzer ended the day with an ERA of 23.83. I’m assuming that paints a good enough picture for you.

Arizona Diamondbacks Are Proving They Are the National League’s Elite

Every National League team has issues. Whether it’s the Philadelphia Phillies’ lineup, the St. Louis Cardinals relying on aging superstars, or the Milwaukee Brewers’ lineup without Prince Fielder, every team has glaring weaknesses. And then there is the defending National League West champions – – Arizona Diamondbacks.

The D’Backs swept the San Francisco Giants in grand fashion, roughing up the three-headed monster that is Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, and Matt Cain. Arizona has a good rotation, good bullpen, good lineup, good everything. They are just a good balanced team, which is why I have them going to the World Series, eventually winning it.

Atlanta Braves Are Still Depressed

Similar to the Boston Red Sox, the Braves look like they haven’t recovered from their September collapse. They got swept by the New York Mets, whom I believe is the worst team in the National League. As a Chicago White Sox fan, am I surprised a Greg Walker coached team is stinking the joint up at the plate? Absolutely not.

While I don’t think the Braves are this bad, I don’t think they were very good to begin either. My WAR projections had them as an 84-win team, and I feel even more confident with those projections after the weekend series.

Umpires Need to Chill Out with the Outside Corner

I don’t know how many hours of baseball you watched this weekend, but I watched a ton. And a majority of umpires were calling strikes six inches off the outside corner. I’m hoping by the time I’m 35 we just have a robot back there, because the crap I saw this weekend is ridiculous.

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