The Chicago Cubs Have a Closer Problem With Carlos Marmol

By gilgerard

The Chicago Cubs aren’t supposed to be any good this year. We all know that there are plenty of better teams in baseball right now, but what ticks me off more is the Cubs bullpen blowing two wins in a row to start 2012. Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol have been downright terrible this year so far, and that’s a serious problem as those two guys are supposed to be the best arms at the end of the bullpen. Even with Marmol getting the save today, he still should have a real short leash.

It wasn’t long ago where Carlos Marmol was one of the best relievers in baseball. He had a deadly slider and no one was able to hit it. He was able to walk a million guys- and get away with it when he not only threw that nasty slider for a strike- but backed it up with a 97 mph fastball. The 97 mph fastball days appear to be over already, as Marmol is consistently now 92-93 mph. The slider has flattened out over the last two years, and his control hasn’t gotten better.

What are the Cubs supposed to do with him? I don’t know if he has any trade value right now, as not many teams are going to be in the market for a reliever that walks a gazillion guys.

So how has this happened to Marmol? Well- for starters- he looks like he’s gotten a little out of shape. I’m not Mr. Brad Pitt by any means, but I’m not supposed to be making millions of dollars to be a professional athlete. Those days are long gone for me. It really does look like Marmol could lose 25 lbs, and maybe his fastball would come back.

I don’t know. I don’t know if I have the answers. He doesn’t locate anything, and his stuff isn’t crisp. It’s only a matter of time before the Cubs move on to someone else.

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