The Detroit Tigers Are The Most Dangerous Team In Baseball

By gilgerard

Who would have thought the Detroit Tigers would be the most dangerous team in baseball? Okay, that is a little bit sarcastic, but they’re playing every bit like one of the best teams in baseball. They swept the Boston Red Sox in pretty awesome fashion, finishing it off with a walk off two run homer by Alex Avila in the 11th down a round. This is after slugger Miguel Cabrera tied up the game with a monster 3 run homer in the bottom of the 9th.

So what makes this team dangerous besides the fact they can mash? Their pitching. Obviously Justin Verlander is a beast, but that isn’t what impresses me. It’s the ability to score runs late in the game. If the Tigers do that, they’ll continue to win games and beat bullpens. I wouldn’t want to face that line-up in the 8th and 9th innings- that’s for sure.

What helps, is that the AL Central isn’t going to be very competitive this year, so you can virtually punch their ticket to the playoffs already. If Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder stay healthy, look out. They’re scary, and no one can say they aren’t.

“You don’t see those kinds of games at this level very often,” Avila said. “There’s really no rhyme or reason or explanation for it.”- Alex Avila

Well, I think we all better get used to it- because we’re going to be seeing this team for a long time.

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