Boston Red Sox 4, Toronto Blue Jays 2 - Twitter Reacts

By Sam Feeley

With Boston Red Sox fans closely watching and ready to express their frustration and elation with the team’s performance with a few simple keystrokes, they had plenty of material to draw from, to say the least. Here’s a small sample of what was said on Twitter about the Sox’ 4-2 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Rogers Centre crowd

@samuraisports37 (yours truly): “This is the hottest crowd in Toronto since WrestleMania 18.”

Scott Atchison‘s performance

@samuraisports37: “I was about to say, “Hey, this is where Aceves should be pitching!” But nope, it’s Scott Atchison.”

@Mark_Normandin: “Scott Atchison almost never misses the strike zone, a fact that’s both positive and absolutely frightening to me.”

Dustin Pedroia‘s performance

@NESNNation: “Friendly reminder that if you give Dustin Pedroia a high fastball, you will probably not get it back. #BashTheBlueJays”

@southlandsox: “Can Dustin Pedroia PLEASE join twitter so we can shower him with praise and offer him our finest cheeses, wines and virgins?”

David Ortiz‘s stolen base attempt

@bruinshockeynow: “I think the movie I was just watching was less of a disaster than David Ortiz trying to steal a base. I was watching Armageddon.”

Darren Oliver‘s age

@Justin_McIsaac: “I’m not saying Darren Oliver is older than his listed age, but I’m pretty sure he threw BP to Josh Gibson and Cool Papa Bell #LookEmUp”

@JLew1050: “Darren Oliver comes in from the bullpen where I can only assume he was watching from a park bench while feeding the birds with Omar Vizquel”

Ninth-Inning rally

@TomCaron: “#RedSox have two 9th inning rallies this season. Both started by Pedroia leadoff doubles.”

@Swydan: “So, uh, when did Ryan Sweeney become the most clutch hitter on the Red Sox? That’s twice now.”

Alfredo Aceves

@riveraj10: “Well i shut the tv off when Jackson led the 9th off w/ a hit yesterday..wonder how long it will take this time

@NESNNation “Alfredo Aceves time. [Backs away slowly from television]”

After the win

@fitzygfy: “Well halle-freakin-lujah! The #RedSox win!”

@RedSoxRedShoes: “Somewhere, a 7 month old child just witnessed his first #RedSox victory.”

It was also interesting to note that Aceves’s ERA could not be computed before the first out of the ninth, as the ground ball off the bat ofBrett Lawrie to Mike Aviles was the first out Aceves had notched all season. It appeared on NESN’s graphic as “—“. To that effect, @JonCouture had this to say: “Aceves’ ERA drops to 81.00. Infinity symbol, we’ve had some great times. #RedSox

You can exhale now, Red Sox Nation. There’s the win you’ve been clamoring for.

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