I Got Five On It: Yu Darvish Makes His Season Debut

By Bryan Lutz

The Texas Rangers unveiled their $100 million dollar man tonight, releasing Yu Darvish to the masses. But the season debut for the world’s most expensive import was less than stellar.

YuMania Gets Bailed Out by the Rangers’ offense

In what was one of the most anticipated starts in quite some time, Yu Darvish took the bump against the Seattle Mariners tonight. Darvish – who struggled with his command in Spring Training – still struggled with it starting the game. In his first inning of work, Darvish allowed four runs, three walks, and four hits to the anemic Seattle Mariners’ offense.

But thanks to the best offense in the American League, Darvish earned the win after he settled down from his disastrous first inning. It might be too early to judge Darvish after his first start – considering his adrenaline was probably through the roof – but his lack of control worries me for the long haul.

Chris Sale Dominates as a Starting Pitcher

Say what you will about Chris Sale’s transition to the starting rotation, but the Chicago White Sox southpaw looked dominant as ever tonight against the Cleveland Indians. Sale earned the victory, allowing three hits over 6 2/3 innings.

Proving he wasn’t a fluke on Saturday, Hector Santiago struck out a pair and earned his second save of the season.

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox Are on the Board

All I have to say about the Boston Red Sox win over the Toronto Blue Jays is I’m glad the White Sox traded Sergio Santos. I have Santos and Henderson Alvarez in all fantasy leagues, so I’m quite depressed right now. Good for the Red Sox to fight back and earn their first win of the season, although it changes nothing in my eyes.

The New York Yankees defeated the Baltimore Orioles 6-2. I’m guessing it didn’t take the Orioles long to miss facing the Minnesota Twins.

Homer Bailey Living Up to His Name

The St. Louis Cardinals are doing just fine without Albert Pujols. The Cards rocked Homey Bailey tonight, hitting three home runs off the Cincinnati Reds’ right-hander in the first inning. Poor Homey Bailey. He will never live up to his hype.

Barry Zito Threw a Complete Game Shut-Out in Coors Field

I have nothing to say about this – – besides what in the world!?

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