Miami Marlins Pitcher Mark Buehrle Suffers Odd Injury

By Ryan Gaydos

Miami Marlins pitcher Mark Buehrle did not have such a great game Thursday against the Cincinnati Reds. Buehrle pitched six innings against the Reds and allowed two earned runs on seven hits while striking out five batters in the loss. However, Buehrle was effected by an injury of the culinary sorts which seemed to be the cause of his lousy performance.

Buehrle sliced his hand open while trying to make a sandwich to prove his manliness. He was in the process of opening a jar of mayonnaise when he sliced his hand.

Buehrle told the Palm Beach Post:

“I came in to make a sandwich and they said ‘You know we have people who can make sandwiches for you,’’’ Buehrle said. “(I said) ‘I’m a grown man, I can make my own sandwich.’ It was just a complete freak thing.”

Buehrle says he will be ready to go Thursday when his turn comes to face the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Marlins pitcher is not the only one to suffer a freak injury with food. Last year, San Francisco Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt cut his hand while trying to separate frozen hamburger patties. That seems more legitimate than Buehrle’s injury but still, these pitchers need to think a little more before injury themselves and their million dollar bodies.

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