Photo: JP Arencibia Has Some Interesting Fans

By Riley Schmitt

Maybe it was the Dumb and Dumber suits, but JP Arencibia of the Toronto Blue Jays has some interesting fans.  By interesting, I mean he has a bunch of chicks wearing suggestive t-shirts about him.  And by suggestive, I mean that they basically offer themselves up to him in the form of a shirt.

The shirts read as this:  “Hey JP, It’s B-Jay Time” and “JP, Check Out My Dugout.”  Not exactly a lot of room their for mistakes.  These girls have avoided the subliminal approach and basically went for the approach that allows everyone to know what is going on.  The Simpsons called it the superliminal approach, but I’m not sure that exists.

Either way, it appears that Arencibia is a rising star in the MLB.  Not every baseball player has chicks make shirts such as this.  I doubt they ever get to meet him, but hey.  Effort has to count for something these days.  Not everyone tries to get to meet their favorite athlete.  They have taken an odd approach, but it just might work.

Time will tell if their t-shirt making escapades pay off.  I have serious doubts that it will, but you never know what Arencibia will think late at night sometime.  I’m pretty sure he has both of these girls whenever he wants them.  That might not be a good thing, but you do only live once.  Might as well live it up while you still can.  You aren’t always going to have that baseball cash.

Thanks to Mock Session for the photo.

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