Brandon Phillips Signs Contract Extension With the Cincinnati Reds

By Jeff Gray

Two days after getting his 1000th hit, Brandon Phillips picked up what he’s been really working on over the last few months and that is an extension to his contract with the Cincinnati Reds

Just a week after the Reds signed Joey Votto to a huge $225 million/10 year contract extension, Brandon Phillips signed his own deal on Tuesday, April 10.  Phillips’ contract is for 6 years and worth $72.5 million.  He will be under contract with the Reds through the 2017 season. 

Brandon Phillips is a two-time All-Star and has won three Gold Gloves playing second base for the Reds.  He said in the press conference when the deal was announced, “I really didn’t think this was going to happen, ever.”  

Happen, it did.  The ever smiling, high energy player was smiling even bigger during the announcement of the deal.

In 2011, Phillips batted .300, had 18 home runs, and 82 RBI.  He led all of the National League in hitting, runs, hits and doubles and ranked second in RBI for second basemen.

I thought last week when Votto signed his deal that things were looking up for the mid-market Cincinnati Reds.  I thought that was a sign that they were willing to spend money to keep talent and build around them.  This move of signing Brandon Phillips only solidifies that belief.  The Reds now have an outstanding right side of the infielf sewn up for the next six years, in the least.

I questioned before if the Reds would turn out to be like the Texas Rangers in their signing of Alex Rodriguez to his long term deal and then not be able to build around him.  The signing today clearly shows that the Reds will not follow the same path as the Rangers.

For Reds fans everywhere, we have reason to celebrate the future and look forward to winning and competing, not just participating and grooming talent for the big market teams.

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