Colorado Rockies' Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie Invites Fan to Have a Catch

By Bryan Lutz

After being traded this winter, Colorado Rockies‘ pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is new to the Denver area. He probably doesn’t know a lot of people yet, or have any good friends on his new team. But thanks to Twitter, Guthrie might have found his new long-toss partner.

Guthrie tweeted out the following message earlier today:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/JGuthrie46/status/189802172983156737″]

Of course, some of Rockies’ nation took Guthrie up on his offer. But according to this tweet, we had one lucky winner:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/JGuthrie46/status/189803400010014721″]

I can not confirm or deny if Woody Roseland and his “O-face” display picture got to play catch with Guthrie or not. But this isn’t the first time we have seen athletes intereacting with fans. We all remember what Antonio Brown did during the Super Bowl when he hung out with Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan – and roommate of one of my best friends – Seth Paladin. If you don’t recall, Brown tweeted that he wanted to have lunch in Indy with a fan. Then, without even realizing Brown was serious, the two met up and became best friends forever.

Ah, God bless Twitter. The things we can do in 140 characters now is mind-blowing. We know if baseball players want to have a catch, football players want to have lunch, or see Kate Upton’s recent video in seconds.

I highly doubt we will ever see really good players ever do this this sort of thing. No offense to Brown or Guthrie, but they aren’t exactly superstars. How about Phil Mickelson playing nine with a fan or something?

Guthrie is 48-65 in his career, which isn’t that bad considering he pitched for the Baltimore Orioles five seasons.

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