I Got Five On It: Daniel Bard and Neftali Feliz Debut as Starting Pitchers

By Bryan Lutz

Last night, we saw Chicago White Sox pitcher, Chris Sale, make the smooth transition to starting pitcher. Tonight, we witnessed two other young arms make the transition from reliever to starter, Daniel Bard and Neftali Feliz.

Daniel Bard and Neftali Feliz in the Starting Rotation

I promise I won’t talk about the Boston Red Sox tomorrow. But when they announced this winter that Daniel Bard would be a starter pitcher, a lot of pundits (like myself) were skeptical. After a rough Spring, Bard got the chance to erase the doubt with a good performance against the Toronto Blue Jays. However, Bard took the loss, allowing 5 runs over 5 innings.

Unlike Bard, Neftali Feliz was pretty awesome for the Texas Rangers tonight. Feliz recorded the win, allowing only six baserunners in 7 shutout innings. Granted, Feliz got to face the Seattle Mariners – who despite their decent offensive start are terrible – but he still looked dominant.

Matt Moore Thrown Into the Fire

As a Matt Moore fantasy owner, I was highly anticipating his season debut against the Detroit Tigers. Unfortunately for Moore and his fantasy owners, he was pulled after he allowed a game-tying home run to Austin Jackson in the 7th inning, earning a no-decision. I wasn’t able to watch the game because of the blackout restictions, so I don’t know how Moore looked on the mound. Having said that, walking five hitters is never a good thing, although only allowing four hits is very much a good thing.

Chipper Jones Is Ridiculous

In his first game off the disabled list, the Atlanta Braves’ future hall of famer singled off Houston Astros‘ pitcher, Kyle Weiland. I’m guessing it felt good for Chipper to get a single in his first at-bat of the season, but I’m guessing it felt even better to hit a home run in his second at-bat. I love you, Chipper. Don’t leave.

Freddy Garcia Gets Wild

It still shocks me that Freddy Garcia had a quality season with the New York Yankees last year. It shocks me even more the Yankees decided to bring the veteran back. If there is one thing Garcia always had trouble with, it’s throwing wild pitches. Garcia always struggled with wild pitches he was pitching for the Chicago White Sox, so it’s no surprise to me he threw five – count ’em – FIVE wild pitches against the Baltimore Orioles tonight.

Rains Outs Ruin People’s Days

I was really excited to watch the White Sox tonight – but no – it has to rain/snow in April. Thanks for ruining my night Mother Nature – you scorpion woman.

I promise one of these days I’ll cover some West Coast games, but it’s been a long day today. See ya tomorrow!

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