David Wright Injures Pinkie, Creates Issue For New York Mets

By Tyler Moore

Before the game yesterday, David Wright was scratched from the lineup with an injured right pinkie. During the game, it was announced that he had a small fracture in the middle joint of the finger. David Wright will be getting a splint for the finger and will determine what to do to continue. Terry Collins said that he doesn’t expect him to be playing today. The question is, if David Wright is placed on the disabled list by the New York Mets, who will play third base?

While talking to the media last night, Terry Collins said that he was considering using Daniel Murphy to replace David Wright at third base. However, in spring training, Collins said he wouldn’t be moving Murphy around, and would be keeping him at second base. The move would make sense. Before the New York Mets started moving Murphy all over the place, he was a third baseman, that is his natural position. However, while the move would make sense, the best option for the New York Mets with Murphy is to keep him at second base, even if David Wright is out. So, who does play third base?

If David Wright winds up on the disabled list, I think we will be seeing Ronny Cedeno playing third base just about everyday. I think Justin Turner would give him an occasional day off. Why do I think Cedeno will be playing there instead of Murphy? When David Wright returns, if Murphy took over third base he would have to move back to second. I feel that would be better to keep him at second base and keep getting him experience at that position. He is expected to be the second baseman for a while, so why move him to another position?

Hopefully, David Wright won’t even need to be placed on the disabled list. If he does, I think Daniel Murphy stays at second and Ronny Cedeno will be the starting third baseman.

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