The Story Of The Baltimore Orioles Told By Second Baseman Robert Andino

By Eric Haftel

Becoming a major league baseball player is the dream of almost every boy growing up. I am sure that Baltimore Orioles second baseman, Robert Andino had that same dream. The only thing he didn’t dream of was being a player on the Orioles, one of the worst teams in the league.

The story is told by one simple picture thanks to the Yes Network:

via Yes Network

Look at the difference through the years. In 2010, Andino was a kid living his dream of playing baseball. Honestly, I have never seen a bigger smile. In 2011, Andino is still happy but much more calm and confident looking. He realized this is a job. And then suddenly, 2012 hit! Look at that face. He is no longer a kid who is happy living his dream, he is a player on one of the worst teams in the league. So bad in fact that they have lost a combined 191 games since 2010. Also, this spring training, they lost to the State College of Florida Manatees in an exhibition matchup.

Andino is actually coming off of his best season which saw him play in 139 games while batting .263 with 22 doubles, five home runs, 36 rbi, 63 runs scored and 13 stolen bases.

Andino is a good up and coming player who has started off the year as hot as anyone on the O’s. Through five games, he is currently batting .333 with three doubles, three runs scored and two rbis.

If the Orioles have any chance of getting better, they better hope that their younger players begin to develop the potential that they have shown. I’m sure O’s fans are hoping this happens sooner rather then later.

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