New York Mets Will Honor Chipper Jones: Good Or Bad?

By Tyler Moore

The New York Mets are planning, at the least, to acknowledge the career of Chipper Jones. How much further will it go? Courtesy of WFAN:

Tasked with confirming the rumor, Dukes got a Mets official on the phone Thursday morning.

He summed up the chat on air: “It was a conversation that went like this … ‘Will we acknowledge Chipper Jones’ career? Yes we will.’”

Chipper Jones has been known to be a New York Mets killer. He even named his kid after the New York Mets previous stadium, Shea Stadium. He hit 19 home runs against them in Shea Stadium. Plus, he has been a member of the Atlanta Braves, a rival of the New York Mets, his entire career. So why would they honor him?

While Chipper has been disliked for years by fans of the New York Mets, he has earned respect. When Chipper initially announced his retirement, David Wright said:

“He’s been one of those guys where I always looked across and tried to take away some of the things from his game and apply it to mine,” said third baseman David Wright, who has played in the same division as Jones for the last eight seasons. “He’s just been so consistent, so good for so long, and been part of a lot of great teams. It’s going to be a little odd looking across there and not seeing Chipper in uniform, that’s for sure.”

Chipper is the type of players that other players want to be like. He plays hard, when healthy, and shows people the right way to play the game. He’s also been opened to changing his position if it would help the Atlanta Braves. The respect of Chipper is a good reason why the New York Mets would think about honoring him. Another reason is because of his great career and what he has accomplished.

However, there is also a good reason why the New York Mets shouldn’t honor him. Chipper is one of the more disliked players by fans of the New York Mets. He always gets boos from the fans, and along with the “Larry” taunt. His great play against the New York Mets is a reason they don’t like him. Another reason is the fact that he plays for a rival team.

So, is it a good idea or a bad idea for the New York Mets to honor Chipper Jones? It depends on how they honor him. At the very least, the New York Mets will be acknowledging his career. How much further will they go with their honoring? If it is just acknowledging, I think it is a good idea. However, if it winds up reaching the point of tributes, that is is where I draw the line. It will be interesting to see what exactly the New York Mets do to honor Chipper Jones.

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