New York Mets and David Wright Dealing With Tough Break

By Craig Williams

By now you are probably aware of the full cycle of news regarding David Wright‘s fractured pinkie.  Apparently the New York Mets might not be without their third baseman for very long because David Wright has been told he can play as long as he can tolerate the pain.  Even with this sliver of positive news, I can’t help but be extremely frustrated by the circumstances the New York Mets find themselves under.

Sure, Wright has been given the go-ahead to continue playing, but how is that going to impact his performance?  I’ve never tried to play with a fractured pinkie, but I would imagine that his performance is going to suffer – at least a little bit.  And actually, I think I have to side with Rant Sports’ Tyler Moore in regard to Wright’s return to the lineup. The New York Mets need to take it slow with Wright even if that means placing him on the 15-day disabled list.  It’s too early in the season to have arguably your best player resigned to playing with a nagging injury.

Not only is the fractured pinkie likely to hurt Wright’s on-field production, but it’s likely to carve into his trade value as well.  It is far from a secret that I want the Mets to move Wright this season and add more ammo for their rebuilding efforts.  If Wright is playing with a fractured pinkie, it is going to be a lot tougher to convince a rival organization to part with the caliber of prospects the Mets will be looking for in such a deal.

Luckily it is only April and if David Wright is, in fact, handled conservatively, there will be plenty of time for him to build his value back up.  I just wish the New York Mets could catch a break that didn’t hurt the team.

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