New York Mets Honoring Chipper Jones Goes Beyond The Rivalry

By Tyler Moore

Yesterday, it was announced that the New York Mets would be honoring Chipper Jones in some sort of way. Later in the day, New York Mets beat writer, Andy Martino, tweeted more information about it:

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Many fans of the New York Mets were against them honoring Chipper Jones in any way. Their reasoning is understandable, after all, he has been a New York Mets killer for years. He also has played with the Atlanta Braves, a rival of the New York Mets, his entire career. A lot of fans of the team do not like Jones because of that. A lot of these fans were also against honoring him for that.

However, the decision to honor him goes beyond the team he plays for and how he has performed against the New York Mets. It hits upon a few things, including class and respect. The New York Mets are showing a lot of class and respect by honoring Chipper Jones. While it won’t be a big deal thing, they still will honor him. People need to look beyond the facts that he played for the Atlanta Braves and that he performed well against the New York Mets. They honored Bobby Cox with a bottle of wine, I’m guessing we will see something similar for Chipper. However, we will likely hear more and more details as the season continues on.

Another thing is that Chipper Jones is a great player, and should be respected by many. While I dislike the fact that he rips the New York Mets apart, and will taunt him with the “Larry” chant whenever I can, but I totally respect him. He did great things out on the field, and worked hard every moment he was on the field. I personally think payers should want to be more like Chipper Jones. I can’t stand him, but I respect him. That’s the reason for this decision by the New York Mets, respect.

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