New York Mets Should Be Cautious With David Wright

By Tyler Moore

The New York Mets announced Wednesday evening that third baseman, David Wright, was scratched from the lineup due to an injured right pinkie. During that the game against the Washington Nationals, it was announced that David Wright had a fracture in the middle joint of that pinkie. The New York Mets maintain that he can continue baseball activities as tolerated. However, it is still possible that David Wright will be out for a few more days. So, what should the New York Mets do?

I think that if David Wright is unavailable to play tonight against the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Mets should place him on the 15-day disabled list. However, I don’t think that they should push him to play tonight if he is still feeling a lot of pain in his finger. I would prefer the New York Mets be cautious with Wright and place him on the disabled list, rather than letting him play when he shouldn’t be, and having the injury get worse. The New York Mets will review Wright’s injury and progress before the game this evening and decide whether or not he will be available to play.

While I want his bat back in the lineup, I am mainly thinking about David Wright and the long term effects with the New York Mets. If he plays through the injury and worsens it, he could be out longer from that injury than he would be if he was just placed on the disabled list with the original injury. Plus, making the move would allow the New York Mets to call up another player, and have another bat available on the bench. So, placing David on the disabled list might be the best option for the New York Mets. It gives him extra time to get over this injury, and allows the team to have another healthy player to come off the bench.

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