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MLB Boston Red Sox

Photo: Popeyes Chicken Taunts Boston Red Sox Pitchers

The Popeyes Chicken across from Fenway Park knows how to make a mark.  The establishment has decided to hang a sign saying that “4 out 5 Pitchers Prefer Our Chicken BEST!”  This is a shot at the Boston Red Sox and the great “fried chicken and beer” scandal from last season.

If you do not remember it, it was reported that Red Sox pitchers were eating fried chicken and drinking beer in the clubhouse during games.  The named pitchers were John Lackey, Josh Beckett and others.  This is believed to have been part of why the Red Sox had a collapse for the ages last year.

I’m not sure how this sign is helping business, but it is funny nonetheless.  It might offend diehard Sox fans, but I imagine most people would be able to take a joke.  The situation was funny last year and it is still funny now.  Sometimes you just have to look back on things and laugh.

The Sox should try to cross promote their stuff with Popeyes.  It’s a win-win situation.  The Red Sox show that they are able to poke fun at themselves and Popeyes gets some great exposure for their delicious chicken.  I have no idea how this won’t work.

Wait, actually I do.  The Red Sox will probably get super offended at this sign and demand that it be taken down.  Remember, athletes and teams do not have great senses of humor.  Apparently, the more famous you get, the more you lose the ability to take a joke or poke fun at yourself.