I Got Five On It: Westside 'Til We Die Featuring Matt Kemp

By Bryan Lutz

Being in the Eastern time zone, I normally write my blog when the West Coast games are just beginning, but not today! Considering I haven’t touch based with a majority of the West Coast teams,tonight’s I Got Five On It is dedicated to the squads west of the Mississippi. Most notably, baseball’s best team – the Los Angeles Dodgers. And their best player – Matt Kemp.

Los Angeles Dodgers are Baseball’s Best Team… Seriously

Instead of talking about the Dodgers myself, I will let a Dodgers’ fan do the talking. The artist known as VRP has this to say about his beloved Boys of Summer:

The Dodgers hot start, although somewhat a product of playing two of the weaker teams in the National League, can be traced back to two key areas.  Going into the day, the Dodgers led the Major Leagues in strikeouts (81) and errors (2).  The fact that Dodger pitchers are missing bats and their fielders are making plays. Along with the middle of the order combination of Matt Kemp (.419/.457/.806) and Andre Ethier (.310/.412/.655) – who are so hot that at any given moment their bats may melt – is what’s set the pace for the Dodgers 8-1 start.

Seriously though, Matt Kemp is in another world right now. What Matt Kemp wants, Matt Kemp gets.

Do the Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s Play Anyone Else?

Seriously, do they? The two cellar dwellers battled for the sixth time this season, with the Mariners defeating the A’s in another thrilling 4-0 game. Mariners’ catcher Jesus Montero hit his first major league home run in the 2nd inning, while Michael Pineda hasn’t thrown a pitch yet for the New York Yankees.

When Will Barry Zito Remember He Is Barry Zito?

Will you stop it, Barry. You’re not good! You stink! After throwing a complete game shutout against the Colorado Rockies, Barry Zito took the bump again for the San Francisco Giants. In his first inning of work, Zito allowed two runs, making me think he remembered he’s Barry Zito. But Zito proceeded to allow one more run in six innings! Tim Lincecum 12+ ERA; Barry Zito under 2. What the H?

Arizona Diamondbacks Need to Call Up Trevor Bauer

Josh Collmenter, you had your chance and you blew it. It’s time for the gun show. Trevor Bauer has pitched 10 2/3 innings so far in Double-A, allowing four hits, no runs, and striking out 18.

I Hate Fox’s Game of the Week

Blacking out every game during the 1PM slot. Major League Baseball needs to take a chill pill when it comes to their coverage. Let a dude embed a video every now and then. Cripes.

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