David Robertson Is The Future Closer Of The New York Yankees

By Ryan Gaydos

The New York Yankees have been remarkably successful the past 18 seasons with Mariano Rivera has their setup man and eventual closer for the team. Rivera has recorded 605 saves which is the most in Major League Baseball history. However, the big question the might Yankees have to answer at the end of this season is who will replace Rivera if he decides to retire?

In all indication it is up to either Rafael Soriano or David Robertson to fill the gigantic shoes that Rivera will leave behind. However, the important thing to remember in this case is that no one is going to be able to replace what Rivera did on the field during the regular season or in the postseason. Robertson or Soriano both have to create their own persona in the game.

With that being said, it should be Robertson, not Soriano to replace Rivera when Mo finally decides to calls it quits.

Robertson has been slowly proving his worth ever since he was called up to the big league roster in 2008. He spent time being a middle reliever and it was not until 2011 where we finally took notice of how effective Robertson could be. In the absence of Soriano due to injury, Robertson pitched in 70 games and by far was one of the most effective relievers in all of baseball that is not considered a closer.

Robertson recorded a 1.08 ERA and struck out 100 batters while pitching in 66 and two-thirds innings. Those numbers are absolutely ridiculous. However, you can make a good case for Soriano.

Before being injured and signing with the Yankees, Soriano recorded an American League leading 45 saves in his final season with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2010.

In my opinion, Robertson will be a better fit. He proved his worth against Sunday against the Los Angeles Angels when he got the Yankees out of a big jam in the seventh inning replacing none other than Soriano.

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