VIDEO: Miami Marlins Home Run Statue In Action

By Riley Schmitt

We finally got the moment that we were waiting for.  Omar Infante hit the first home run in the new Miami Marlins park and the odd home run structure finally was put to work.  Watch as this thing gets its first workout.

I must admit, it is pretty cool.  It is way over the top, but sometimes you need to make a splash.  That thing certainly is splashy.  Probably overpriced and useless in the future, but it is still cool right now.  I expect this thing to go off a lot more during the season, even if the park isn’t a home run hitting dream.

So many things involved in that to work perfectly.  It has so many moving parts and it is amazing to watch it work.  It is mesmerizing.  I would watch that over the baseball any day.  I am sure that I am not only with that thought.  That is how odd that thing is.  It is weird, but sometimes weird is great.

Who do you think will hit the next home run and set the structure off again?  Infante certainly was not my first guess, but that is baseball for you.  Anything can happen.  Giancarlo Stanton was my first guess, but he will have to wait his turn.  Side note, he was also guess number two and three for me.  Guy has just ridiculous power.

It could be a special year for the Marlins.  This statue is only a part of it.  Then again, if things go bad, this is probably the best thing going.

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