Why the Dodgers Could Be A Sleeper Team in the National League

By Daniel Canova

Nobody expected the Los Angeles Dodgers to win nine out of their first ten games in 2012.

After finishing 3rd in the National League West, with an 82-79 record a year ago, the Dodgers seem to be a true contender this year in their division.  Maybe Magic Johnson bringing some of his own “magic” to the organization is the answer.  Or maybe the Dodgers are just a great team.

The Dodgers are surrounded by talent up and down the lineup, as well as in their starting rotation.  Players like Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon, Andre Ethier, and James Loney are 4 solid players in a lineup that can be very dangerous, especially if their big bats like Kemp and Ethier could stay healthy and consistent all season.

Clayton Kershaw anchors a starting pitching staff that is mostly made up of veterans.  Chad Billingsley, Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang, and Ted Lilly are the other 4 starters who are average, but solid.  If they can keep the team in games throughout the year and take up 6 or 7 innings per start, I expect the offense to put up tons of runs and win them games.

Will they be able to compete with a powerful offense in Arizona?  Will they be able to handle a pitching staff in San Francisco that is very deep?  I certainly believe so.  I feel now that Frank McCourt has sold the team, there has been a weight lifted off of everyone in the organization.  They definitely will compete in the Wild National League West, and in the entire National League as a whole.


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