David Wright Is Huge Impact Player For New York Mets

David Wright has proven himself. He is the captain of the New York Mets, even without the C on his uniform. All members of the team, as well as all fans, know that David Wright is the leader of this team. With him in the game, the New York Mets are 5-1, without him they are 1-2.

While it’s a small sample size, take a look at his statistics so far this season:























This is the David Wright we all know and love. Two home runs so far, four runs batted in, and a .571 batting average. The team seems a lot more connected with him playing. There’s a reason for that. David Wright’s the leader of this team, the captain.

David Wright also shows how tough he is. It was expected that he would be placed on the disabled list for his fractured pinkie, but he played again. He also played through a broken back last year. He gives his all every out of the game.

In July of 2004, the New York Mets traded away their third baseman to make room for a prospect who they thought would be the future for them at third base. The player they traded away was Ty Wigginton. The prospect was David Wright. Since, Wigginton hasn’t become a great player, while Wright has. Wright has become the face of the franchise, and I don’t think any fans have a problem with that. Some fans would’ve preferred Jose Reyes had stayed to take that job, but he was never the leader of this team. He was never the face of the franchise. That honor already belonged to David Wright.

After this season, the New York Mets can exercise a team option on David Wright to keep him for the 2013 season. However, why wait that long? Personally, I want him resigned right now. He has proven his worth and has also proven that he deserves  an extension, so why not give him one? They gave Jon Niese an extension, now it is time to step to the plate and give David Wright one.

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  • Matt Sullivan

    I agree. The mets need to build up more good will with their fans after letting Reyes walk and all of the off-the-field issues. Locking up David Wright would go a long way towards that and it is going to be a good baseball decision as well. Wright is 29 and will still be productive well into his thirties.

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