Is Former Atlanta Braves’ Manager, Bobby Cox, Interested in Managing Again?

Life has been difficult for Atlanta Braves’ manager, Fredi Gonzalez as he has tried to fill the big shoes left open by Bobby Cox. Cox retired after the 2010 season. He managed the Braves from 1990-2010, spanning 21 seasons, which included 1883 wins during that 21 season stint, 2149 wins with the Braves overall, 14 consecutive division titles, 5 NL Pennants and 1 World Series title. Yes, the shoes were huge that Fredi was asked to fill.

Fredi had the Braves in a prime position last August to make the playoffs. They had a seemingly insurmountable lead in the Wild Card race and were within striking distance of the Philadelphia Phillies for the division. However, the wheels came off in September. The Braves were overtaken by the St. Louis Cardinals for the Wild Card and suffered a terrible ending to a promising year.

The chorus for Fredi’s job seemed to boil over after the collapse. He did not lose his job, however. The pressure and expectations remain high for Fredi now. They will not lessen this year.

What does not help this pressure is comments given by Bobby Cox found in the Boston Globe on April 8th (a special thanks to frequent commenter, Blausy Tiberius, for the heads up on this article). Here is a link to the notes:

Bobby Cox, Braves adviser – When asked whether he would consider managing again, Cox didn’t give a resounding no. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m done,’’ he said. But he added, “I miss it. I miss it every day.’’ While Cox has deep ties to new Dodgers president Stan Kasten, he said he would not consider ever going back to being a GM. “If I ever came back to the game, it would be in uniform,’’ said Cox, who is signed to be an adviser through the 2015 season.

The comments are from someone who enjoyed his job. It is understandable that he would miss coaching. He had coached for the past 21 years with the Braves and 29 years in his career.

It would be nice to see Bobby in the dugout again. He always seemed to get the best out of his players each and every year. The Braves have a nice group of young players that seem poised to perform at a high level and it would be nice to see Bobby get his ‘managerial fingers’ on them.

If the Braves fall out of contention early this season and Fredi were to be fired, this could be an opening for Bobby to return. If Fredi continually messes up and has the team miss the playoffs again this year, Bobby could find his way back into the dugout next season.

If Bobby was truly interested in managing again, what do you think the Braves should do?

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  • Blausy Tiberius

    Good post, Chad. If Bobby wanted his job back today, I’d have the movers coming in to pack up Fredi’s office within minutes.

    Delusions of an immediate Coxian restoration aside, the game is definitely better with him in the dugout. I just hope that if that day comes, it’s in our team’s dugout, not the Dodgers or wherever else.

    • Chad

      I would hate to see him in Dodger blue.

      The Braves would be foolish to not give him his job if he is truly interested in returning.

  • JaxFalconDog Fan

    Definitely rehire Bobby. The collapse would never have happened on his watch.

  • scott

    No question I would love to see Bobby back and get the Bravos back on track. Also I would love to see Ted Turner buy the Braves and put some of that money back into the team

    • Chad

      The chances are higher that Bobby would coach again over Ted Turner owning the Braves. Actually, one of the last “gifts” he gave the Braves was a terrible TV deal that will probably crush the franchise in the next 5-10 years. He may be the owner that resurrected the franchise and also killed it.

  • Blausy Tiberius

    Ted didn’t negotiate that TV deal, Chad. He’d sold Turner Sports by then, and they did the deal.

    • Chad

      Ted didn’t make the deal, his company did. According to Terry McGuirk, the CEO and chairman of the team, Ted’s company was responsible for this deal, . Here is his quote:

      “That being said, we inherited a deal that was done under [previous owner Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner] a little over four years ago, before the sale, that lasts out through 25 years. So there is no opportunity for a different deal than the one we have. Every single set of games on the different networks that we are seen on [Fox Sports South, SportSouth and Peachtree TV] are all 25-year deals or thereabouts.”

      You can read his quote here: