New York Mets Start Have Started Strong But It Is No Fluke

By Tyler Moore

The New York Mets have started off this season well out of the gate going 7-3 in their first 10 games, all against division rivals. They currently stand in second place in the National League East, half a game behind the Washington Nationals. They are tied with the Arizona Diamondbacks for the first and second wild card slot. They are 4-0 against the Atlanta Braves, 2-1 against the Philadelphia Phillies, and 1-2 against the Washington Nationals. Saying the New York Mets have looked strong might be a bit of an understatement. However, is this start for real?

David Wright has been on a roll so far, and Daniel Murphy and Ruben Tejada have looked strong. Ike Davis is starting to heat up, and Jason Bay is starting to look a little better at the plate. Johan Santana has allowed one run between his two starts, the rest of the starting pitchers have looked strong as well. The bullpen has been great so far. These are all positive signs for the New York Mets.

I’ve said it before, but the New York Mets are a better team than people give them credit for. They have shown that even with the loss of Jose Reyes, they are a good team, and will have a chance to contend this year. This start is no fluke, this is the team that will be out there this year. Yes, they have a pretty young team out there and they will make mistakes. Yes, they won’t always win against a team that is more based on veterans than they are. However, the New York Mets do have a good team and should win a good amount of the time.

Do they have a chance to win the division this year? Absolutely. The division is a lot more competitive than it has been. There isn’t one team that you can easily say will win the division barring a disaster. For a while, the Atlanta Braves were that team, and for the past few years, the Philadelphia Phillies have been that team. However, this season there is no clear-cut winner, and it is up for grabs for any of the teams. The New York Mets could also grab a wild card. They have a good team this year, and this start is no fluke. They are showing people what they can really do this year.

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