The Dodgers Are 9-1, Where Were You?

By Tim Morris


The Dodgers have new ownership we actually wanted, an MVP runner-up out to show who really should’ve won it, a right fielder out to prove he’s worth the contract he wants, a first baseman fighting for a job, a rookie who can make it from home to home in 15 seconds, a Cy Young winner and a set-up man who’s nearly unhittable.

The Dodgers have all that, so why aren’t you coming out to the ballpark?

After selling out the home-opener, which started at 1pm no less, the Dodgers pulled only 56,000 fans in the next 2 games. It didn’t get any better in the next game with an attendance of 31,000 but you all started showing up in the final 2 but only 46,000 and 38,000 respectively.

I just don’t get it, this team is not only exciting, but they’re good too. Dee Gordon is a freakin’ spark plug, Matt Kemp, well Matt Kemp’s Beast Mode is out of this world right now, leading the majors in average, home runs, RBIs and runs. Then not too far behind him is Ethier second not only the NL but the majors in RBIs. Then there’s Mark Ellis, the guy people groaned when the Dodgers picked him up has 10 runs in 10 games.

Our pitching could be better but Kershaw will pick it up, he’s always been a slower starter but Chad Billingsley is leading the majors with a 0.63 ERA! That’s the Chad the Dodgers have needed and now that Lilly’s back, the Dodgers seem to have a very formidible 1-2-3 at the top of the rotation that teams really don’t want to see.

Then when we get to the bullpen, Linbolm, who barely made the team hasn’t given up a run, neither has Javy Guerra or Matt Gurrier. While Jansen and Elbert haven’t been as shining as they were last year, based on their track record, they’ll catch up and be very solid.

So, yeah, the Dodgers may have seemingly beat up on “inferior” opponents but that’s what the good teams do. They beat who they’re supposed to beat.

As a fan, when my team plays the Pirates, Padres, Astros, or Cubs, I expect them to win that series, and it would be a disappointment if they lost 2 of 3 games or even split a four-game series.

So again, these Dodgers need your support, and we need to see you at the ballpark. The next home-game is Monday, April 23, against the Braves so I expect to see you out there, fill it up to capacity, show Magic and the group that they didn’t make a mistake and that Los Angeles has the best fans in all of baseball.

See you there!

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