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New York Mets crushed by the Atlanta Braves to lose their second in a row

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The New York Mets lost to the Atlanta Braves by the score of 14-6 on Wednesday afternoon.  R.A. Dickey made the start and on a wet day he had no control over his knuckleball.  He was battered around and the bullpen didn’t fare much better.  Jair Jurrjens started for the Braves and didn’t  pitch so well but he didn’t have too.  The Mets 1-4 hitters in the lineup combined for nine hits as the offense continues to do damage.

Dickey pitched 4 1/3 innings giving up eight hits and eight runs with two walks and five strikeouts.  He took his first loss of the season and is now 2-1.  Miguel Batista pitched 2/3 of an inning and struck out both batters he faced, Bobby Parnell pitched one inning giving up two hits and two runs with one of them being earned.  He also struck out the side, Tim Byrdak pitched 2/3 of an inning giving up three hits and two runs with a walk and two strikeouts, Jon Rauch faced one batter and got him out and Frank Francisco pitched one inning giving up three hits and two runs.  Jurrjens pitched four innings giving up seven hits, four runs, four walks and two strikeouts.  The Braves bullpen used three pitchers who pitched five innings and gave up seven hits and one run.  They walked one and struck out three.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis had three hits, an RBI and drew a walk, Daniel Murphy had two hits, an RBI and drew a walk and David Wright had two hits and three RBI.  Ike Davis had two hits and an RBI, Jason Bay had a hit and drew two walks and Lucas Duda had two hits.  Josh Thole had a hit, Ronny Cedeno drew a walk and Mike Baxter had a hit.  Wright, Nieuwenhuis and Thole each had a double.  Davis had a homerun.  The Mets were 7-18 with runners in scoring position and left 11 men on base.  Bay and Nieuwenhuis each had a stolen base.  Cedeno committed an error.

Michael Bourn had three hits and two RBI and drew a walk for the Braves.  Martin Prado had a hit and two RBI, Jason Heyward had a hit and Dan Uggla had a hit, two RBI and drew a walk.  Freddie Freeman had two hits and three RBI, Juan Francisco had two hits and two RBI and David Ross had two hits, an RBI and a walk.  Tyler Pastornicky had a hit, Jurrjens had a hit and Chipper Jones had a hit and an RBI.  Matt Diaz had a hit and an RBI, Freeman, Prado, Jones, Francisco and Ross each had a double, Heyward had a triple and Francisco, Uggla and Freeman each had a homerun.  The Braves were 8-14 with runners in scoring position and left six men on base.  Bourn had a stolen base and Uggla committed an error.

The Mets gave up two runs in the second and four in the third but it was 6-3 at that point.  The Mets scored single runs in the fifth, sixth and eighth.  The Mets gave up two runs in the fifth through eighth innings.  The Mets record fell to 7-5 and the Braves record improved to 7-5.  The Mets will have an off day on Thursday and then take on the San Francisco Giants for four games at home.

Why did the Mets lose this series??  The Mets started off great at 7-3 but that is way over their head.  You couldn’t expect that to last all year long.  They have lost two games in a row and are now 7-5.  That is still probably too good of a record for them.  They lost though because of their pitching, the reason they were winning is because they were getting great starting pitching.

If the Mets don’t have any major injuries they have a good lineup.  They have a lineup that will do some damage and score runs.  The key to their season is their pitching as it is with just about every team.  The Mets though don’t have a great staff on paper and really don’t have any depth at all.  They were getting good pitching all the way around including the bullpen and that is why they have the record that they do.

They lost two games in a row in Atlanta because Santana and Dickey had two bad starts in a row.  They weren’t just mediocre, they were really bad starts.  The Mets will look to rebound at home this weekend.

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