Jose Canseco Signs with Independent League Worcester Tonadoes

By Kris Hughes

If there’s one thing former Oakland A’s slugger Jose Canseco is, it’s persistent. From his persistently annoying tweets to his abrasive personality, to his bizarre rants in the media, Canseco is unquestionably his “own guy”.

In his most recent attempt to try and scratch and claw his way back into professional baseball, it has been reported that Canseco has signed a deal with the Worcester Tornadoes of the Can-Am independent baseball league.

The Candadian-American Association of Independent Baseball consists of five teams in Worcester, New Jersey, Quebec, Rockland, and Newark, and after the loss of three teams from the 2011 slate, seems like just the type of league looking for a publicity stunt. At 47 years old, Canseco is now no more than that, a way to put butts in seats for a short period of time to try and make some quick cash to pay the players and take care of business obligations.

While it may be true that Canseco still loves the game of baseball, and may in some capacity believe he has a chance to make it back to the major leagues, playing for an independent league team at his age is a one-sided proposition.

The Worcester Tornadoes will reap all of the short-term benefits of having Canseco on the roster an in uniform, and in return, the former All-Star will receive a daily per diem and some half-hearted recognition from fans who realize what he once was, not what he is.

One thing is for certain, the only place Jose Canseco feels comfortable in his own skin is on the diamond.

Watching his career progression since 2001 will tell you just that.

Canseco has played for multiple independent league teams over the past few seasons including the Yuma Scorpions, Laredo Broncos, Charlotte Knights, Long Beach Armada, and most recently the Qunitana Roo Tigres of the Mexican League where he was accused of again using performance enhancing drugs and was suspended from the team.

Away from the game, Canseco has tried, but largely failed to create an identity. He has appeared on various reality television shows, fought in MMA matches, and been mixed up with the law due to various probation violations related to his steroid use and a messy divorce.

Nothing Jose Canseco has done since his time ended with the Oakland A’s has been permanent.

The man is the very picture of a transient– moving from one opportunity to the next as soon as the grass appears greener on the other side.

Hopefully the Worcester Tornadoes have a contingency plan in place because his contract with them won’t be an exception to the rule.

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