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Are The Cubs Trading for Hometown Star Michael Bowden?

Rumors are swirling around Chicago and Boston that RHP Michael Bowden will be traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Chicago Cubs for Marlon Byrd. Michael Bowden was designated for assignment  by Boston last week, but that’s only part of the story.

I’ve known Mike since I was 10. We played a lot of ball together on the same teams, and different teams. I was at his draft party in 2005, as well as trained together down at Athletes Performance in Pensacola as I was recovering from my third arm surgery. Mike is from Aurora, Illinois which is right down the road from us here at Rant Sports,  and he was a hometown stud way back when we were in high school. The draft coverage on him was awesome, and Mike took it all in stride, and continued to work harder and harder. So there’s a lot of cool factors being brought in with this potential trade, but I for one can’t be more excited for Mike if this does come through.

We’ll continue to update you on this story, but all reports are saying Bowden and Andrew Miller will join the Chicago Cubs for Marlon Byrd.

Stay tuned.