Cincinnati Reds Triumph Over the Chicago Cubs to Win Two in a Row

By Jeff Gray

ATTENTION Cincinnati Reds fans the world over!  Do not be alarmed.  What you witnessed Friday was not an aberration or an anomaly.  What occurred in the Reds win over the Chicago Cubs is called a “win streak” in the world of sports.  I understand your confusion, as the Reds have not won back-to-back games this year.

Reportedly the equipment manager was sent on a mission to find the Reds’ bats.  Find them he did.  The Cincinnati Reds backed up a resounding win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday with a similar win over the slumping Chicago Cubs, Friday. 

On Thursday, the Reds pounded out 12 hits and scored 6 runs to defeat the Cardinals behind the brilliant pitching of Bronson Arroyo (1-0 2.91) who gave up 3 runs on 5 hits in 8 innings of work.  On Friday, in cold, windy Chicago, the Cincinnati Reds kept hitting by producing 9 runs on 12 hits as Homer Bailey (1-2) allowed only 2 earned runs and lowered his ERA to 3.86.

At the plate the Cincinnati Reds have been led by, surprisingly, Drew Stubbs.  All of a sudden Stubbs has found a groove and is really being effective.  He is hitting for power, spraying the ball around and being more selective at the plate.  He has accounted for 3 hits in each of the last two games and has 4 RBI to his credit during what is being referred to as “the streak”.  Not only is he doing well at the plate, but he now has 3 stolen bases.  He has increased his pitiful batting average tremendously to an almost respectable .264.

The Reds will look to continue “the streak” and hope to push it to a remarkable 3 games tomorrow when they take on the Cubs again in the windy city.  The Reds will throw Mike Leake in the afternoon game today.

In addition to having their first back-to-back wins this 2012 season, the Cincinnati Reds rang up their 10,000th win as a franchise.

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