Justin Verlander Continues To Be A Shut Down Ace

By gilgerard

Justin Verlander might be the best pitcher in all of baseball. In a league filled with great arms, it’s Verlander that stands out to be the most dominating. The Detroit Tigers are consistently relying on Verlander to bail them out of major holes, and he did it again last night. The Tigers had already dropped another against the red hot Texas Rangers, and it was up to Verlander to shut down Texas in the nightcap- which he did.

What’s even crazier- is he threw 115 pitches in only 6 innings of work, and keep in mind, he was coming off a 130 pitch outing only 5 days ago. So what makes Verlander so special? Was he just blessed with an arm as powerful as a locomotive, and ability to bounce back like- rubber? The answer to that is yes. Not many guys can throw 100 mph every pitch virtually, and continuously throw 115 pitches plus. I don’t really know how else to explain outside of Verlander is ridiculously strong, with real good mechanics. That alone is going to keep a lot of pressure off the elbow and shoulder, and get all his velocity from his trunk.

The Tigers should realize how lucky they are to have Verlander because without him- I wouldn’t be picking them to go to ALCS. When your down, you reach for your ace and ask him to be the guy to lead the team. That’s exactly what Verlander does, and that’s why Justin Verlander is special. I hope he continues at this pace because he’s just fun to watch.

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