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The Chicago Cubs Should Trade Geovany Soto

The Chicago Cubs have a plan, and they’re going to execute it. They’re trading all veterans that don’t seem to have a place with the Cubs for young talent. Marlon Bryd was just traded yesterday for former hometown hero Michael Bowden, Aramis Ramirez wasn’t resigned, Carlos Zambrano was sent on his way, and I don’t think they’re done. With Steve Clevenger showing he can hit a little bit, and a couple young catchers in the minors, I think Geovany Soto could be next on the chopping blocks.

I don’t like Soto. I don’t believe he’s a guy for the future, and I think catchers that can hit 15 homers can bring something pretty decent in return. There are a lot of teams that could use an update behind the plate, and I would image Geovany Soto will be asked about.

If I were Theo Epstein, I would absolutely put him on the market and see what he can get in return. If the price isn’t right, than hold on to him, but Soto shouldn’t be considered untouchable.

If the Cubs were able to trade him, it would signify the changing times even more so. Soto hasn’t lived up to expectations and should be held accountable for that. Whether or not Clevenger or someone else is the catcher of the future, it’s not Geovany Soto. Let’s see what the Cubs can get for him now, before his stock drops. I would be a happy camper.

In the meantime, the Chicago Cubs are currently battling the Cincinnati Reds as Randy Wells makes his return to the big leagues after being sent to AAA to start the year.