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The New York Yankees and their starting pitching

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The New York Yankees starting pitching was supposed to be an upgrade from last year.  When they signed Andy Pettitte it was though of as a luxury.  They are only 15 games into the season but at this point him coming back is seen as a necessity.  CC Sabathia the ace has started slow, Hiroki Kuroda pitched one good game out of three, Ivan Nova has been good and Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia have both been bad.  The ERA of the pitching staff is not good at all and the Yankees have won because of their bullpen and offense.  What can they do about this problem they have right now??

The one simple answer is Pettitte coming back in about three weeks.  He will be inserted into the rotation and should be able to help no question.  The question becomes who does he replace??  Will it be Phil Hughes or Freddy Garcia, will either one of them go to the bullpen??  If it is Hughes that gets ousted would they put him in the bullpen where he was so good in 2010??  I think they will keep Hughes in the rotation and have Garcia become the Longman or mop up man in the bullpen.

I also think that CC Sabathia will get better, he is the ace and you don’t have to worry about him.  I think with Hughes it is all confidence.  If you watch Nova he looks like he knows what he is doing and has conviction in what he is doing.  He isn’t afraid of anything and looks like a guy who expects to win.  I think Hughes needs to get that confidence and he will be fine.  The stuff is there which it wasn’t last year at all.  I think Hughes did show something in his last start after getting off to a rough start.  I think Garcia is what he is and that is why it may be easy for them to put him out of the rotation.  Kuroda I don’t know what to make of but they did sign him for 10 million so he will have some leeway.

I do think the wildcard was and still could be Michael Pineda.  The problem is he is hurt now and had another setback so who knows when he might return.  I find it hard to believe that he could contribute in the first half of the season.  The bottom line is right now the Yankees starting rotation appears to be a mess but they have time to fix it.  I think it will get better between who is there and also who will be coming into the rotation soon enough.  I think the Yankees can get by in the regular season with a strong offense and strong bullpen and they have time to fix the rotation if it really needs it.  It is only 15 games into the season so I wouldn’t panic just yet, plus the Yankees are winning which makes it easier to deal with.

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