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Cincinnati Reds Place Bill Bray on DL, Call Up JJ Hoover

The Cincinnati Reds made a move Tuesday by placing left handed reliever Bill Bray on the 15 day DL effective back to April 19 for a strained left groin.  Bray had struggled mightily throughout the season with the injury.  He had appeared in 5 games, pitched 2.2 innings and had a whopping ERA of 13.50.  Bray has been dealing with the injury since spring training.

The Reds brought up JJ Hoover from Louisville to fill the void in the bullpen.  Hoover came to the Cincinnati Reds organization through a trade with the Atlanta Braves in early April for 3rd baseman Juan Francisco.  Hoover comes with a 2.00 ERA for the year and is tied for first place in the International League with 4 saves having worked 9 innings for the Bats.  He also leads all relievers in the league in strikeouts with 17.  The right hander will leave the Reds with only Aroldis Chapman and Sean Marshall as the lefties available in the bullpen. 

Hoover was drafted by the Braves back in 2008 and moved up in their system until the trade in April to the Cincinnati Reds.  He has a minor league record of 25 wins and 19 losses, an ERA of 3.12 and appeared in 107 games.   His strikeout ratio for 9 innings pitched is 9.7.  If he appears in the game Tuesday evening against the San Francisco Giants, it will be is Major League debut.  He was called up briefly by the Braves at the end of the 2011 season, but did not make an appearance for them.

I certainly hope that Bray can get the rehabilitation that he needs because he needs to be another important lefty in the Cincinnati Reds’ bullpen.  The only word to describe his performance so far this season is “disaster”.  He was lit up every time he entered the game.  It didn’t really seem to matter what team he was facing.